I would be happy to talk to your group concerning family talks.

            I hope I get more “Who is Hegland?” than “Let’s see how much he puffs.”

            I’ve spent most of my career teaching law, at Arizona, with stints at Harvard, UCLA, and the London program of the University of San Diego.  Before that I worked for CRLA in Delano and the Public Defenders in San Diego. I have four sons, one a probation worker (Robert Hegland, San Jose), two lawyers (Alex Lane Phoenix, Caleb Hegland Merced) and probably the happiest, one bar manager (Ben Sattler, Mr. Head’s, Tucson). My wife, Barbara Sattler, is a retired lawyer/judge and a terrific writer, Dog Days and Anne Levy’s Last Case. And two dogs, Toby and Teddie.

            I’ve written a lot of books for law students, lawyers, and savvy seniors.  Because I was getting antsy in my retirement my wife, she who must be obeyed, said, “Stop bothering me, go write and novel.”

            As to academic qualifications, as all of that happened long ago and I’ve no doubt forgot most of it, I would simply skip them except they lead to a great joke. I have degrees from Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard, proving that you can fool some universities, some of the time, and that’s good enough for tenure.