Law School Chronicles

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Law School Chronicles A short, witty, and provocative novel about law, law school, and civil litigation, ideal for students considering law school, students already there, and curious readers. “It’s like the first year of law school, only funnier.” A law professor ponders “Was the life of the mind the right choice?” To find out he teams up with his daughter to try a wrongful death case. Marie, 13, found her mother dead, suffocated by gas escaping from a defective furnace. Will the defendant corporation escape liability by clever legal ploys? Marie’s ambition is to join the Marines and become a doctor as did her fallen father. Would a multimillion dollar judgment rob her of that ambition and ruin her life? Professors debate, lawyers plot, and law students pray that they won’t be called on. The professor’s wife, now a hospice volunteer, knows from decades teaching high school English that law professors took the road less difficult. His daughters, a criminal defense lawyer and a cop, enliven empty-nest dinners, while his dog Toby, a lab, silently resents vegetarian fare, mostly because there is so little of it. Then there’s the investigator on the case, an ex-cop who prefers Buddha to Bud. Professor Hegland knows his stuff. His Introduction to the Study and Practice of Law introduces students to the joys of law school, and his Trial and Lawyering Skills and A Short and Happy Guide to Being a Lawyer introduce lawyers to the joys of law practice. He has spent his career at Arizona, with stints at UCLA, the University of San Diego, and Harvard. His degrees from Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard prove that you can fool some universities, some of the time, and that’s good enough for tenure.


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