Free Savvy Information Videos for Seniors

Overview of Law and Advice

for Savvy Seniors :

What I Learned and What You Need to Know


Critical Stuff :

Talking to Your Family


Living Wills, Healthcare Powers


Making Your Home Safe


Retirement :

Retirement Angst-Volunteering


Nursing Homes


Reverse Mortgages


Remarriage and Grandkids :

Raising Grandchildren


Remarriage in Later Years


Sex and Driving

(But not at the Same Time) :

Yep, They Still Do It


Elderly Driving


Mental Decline :

Drepression, Booze, and Suicide


Preparing for Mental Incompetence


Deciding for Others


Estate Planning :

Do You Need A Will?


Avoiding Probate


Disgruntled Hiers


Trusts :

Living Trusts


Trust for Minors and Disabled


Elders As Victims :

Elder Abuse


Identity Theft and Scams Targeting the Elderly


It's Our Own Damed Fault


Getting Help :

Finding the Right Laywer


Dealing With Doctors


Death :

Death in the Family