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If youíre

††††††† * older or hope to be,

* have a family member who is, or

* work with older folks,

an extremely helpful website:

††††††† Checkup for Savvy Seniors

††††††† A Family Talk

††††††† A Short and Happy Guide

††††††† Free Videos for Seniors

If youíre

a law student, or hope to be, or

†simply curious about law, law school, and what lawyers do all day,

a short, funny, and provocative novel:

††††††† Law School Chronicles


If youíre

a first year law student or a first year lawyer,

a lot of good advice and bad jokes:

Books on Learning and Doing Law


If you donít believe a word I say:

††††††† A short and mostly true Bio

So letís roll.


I would be happy to talk to your group concerning family talks.