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Kenney Hegland's Introduction

Law Professor Kenney F. Hegland


These short videos are for seniors, their families and the countless folks who are called upon to help them (health care workers, counselors, volunteers at senior centers and lawyers). 


With the down-home philosophy and wit of Will Rogers, law professor Kenney Hegland offers practical legal advice on life’s perplexing problems. His advice is enriched, as is life itself, with poetry, existential musings, and, of course, bad jokes.


He has taught at the University of Arizona, the University of San Diego, UCLA and Harvard. He grew up in San Diego and has degrees from Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Harvard – proving  you can fool some of the universities, some of the time, and that’s enough for an impressive resume.


His new book on elder law is short, happy, readable and inexpensive (around $15). His co-author, Robert Fleming, is one of the premier elder law lawyers in the country.


 A Short & Happy Guide to

Elder Law

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“Wow. I’m a lawyer. but I didn’t know this stuff. It’s critical. I need to know it, my family needs to know it.”

---Kenney F. Hegland





“For 35 years, I’ve helped seniors and their families cope with the problems of aging. Here’s my best advice— and theirs.”

---Robert B. Fleming

  Note: This website is designed to alert you to potential legal and other problems you and your family may face and, where   appropriate, give you some general information about your legal alternatives. It is not designed as a self-help site nor is it   designed to give specific legal advice. For specific legal problems, talk to a lawyer. To find a lawyer who specializes in Elder Law,   go to the National Academy of Elder Law Lawyers, www.naela.com.